5 Pros and 1 Con of Dedicated Fiber for Your Home Network

Does your internet go out during storms and hurricanes? Do you get frustrated with outages due to poorly timed “upgrades” to your internet service? Are you tired of sharing internet connections, and speeds, with your entire neighborhood?

You can solve these frustrations by having dedicated fiber to your home. Yes, you can have business class internet service in your residential home, just like the service at your office.


  1. No more sharing internet service with everyone in your neighborhood. 
  2. No more outages during those ill-timed “upgrades.”
  3. No more service interruption during storms or hurricanes.
  4. No more slow internet speeds during peak times or when the kids are all homeschooling due to Covid-19.
  5. Faster upload speeds, static IP, and no port restrictions.


  1. This service is more expensive than typical residential service, but if you work from home you may find the extra cost is worth it.

Give me a call if you would like discuss if dedicated fiber is right for your home network.