Top Ten Gifts for the “Work at Home” Person in Your Life

With the Holiday Season upon us, many of us have friends and family members we exchange gifts with each year. With a large number of us working from a home office, I thought I would look around my office and come up with a list of items I use every day that would make a great gift for that special person or work spouse in your life.

10. Self-Heated Mug from Ember

Great for the long conference call where you present for 30 – 45 minutes and still have a warm beverage when you are finished. $$

 9. Comfortable Slippers 

Let’s face it, who wants to wear shoes in the house. A comfortable pair of slippers keeps your feet warm all day long. $$

8. Wireless Charging Station

I hate the octopus of wires on my desk. A phone, AirPods, and a watch can all be charged with a single cord connected to the charging plate. Place it on the station without the mess of all those extra cables. $

 7. Single or Dual Monitor Arm

Having multiple monitors can take up a ton of desk real-estate. Having a good Dual-Monitor Arm will not only raise up your monitors, but it will also give you back a ton of space to use for other things. $$

 6. Magic 8 Ball

Critical decision-making tool when you are not sure of the answer. A Magic 8 Ball is a must for easy and quick answers to children and spouse asked questions. $

 5. Music Subscription 

Pandora, Spotify, or Apple Music – I am one of those people that have-to-have background noise. I cannot work in quiet, just can’t do it. I am a huge Pandora fan. Most days you will find me listening to the Acoustic Blues Station. $ (monthly charge)

4. Quality Shredder

If you are like me, mail, notes and other miscellaneous paperwork finds their way to my desk. Having a good shredder keeps my desk clean and my trash safe and confidential. $$

3. Digital Notepad

I like to write, I don’t like to type. I have tried a number of solutions for taking notes or jotting down my ideas. I recently purchased a Remarkable2. I love the sleek design, paper feel, text conversion, and ability to sync to my laptop or send via e-mail. This is a rather pricey gadget, but it has become my go-to device for note-taking in meetings! $$$$

2. Wireless Headphones

Great for the long conference call where the speakerphone is loud and disruptive to other people in your house. I am partial to the Bose Noise Canceling or Apple AirPod Pro devices. $$$

1. SONOS Amp and Bookshelf Speakers 

f you have a dedicated office in your house where you can close your door, the SONOS Amp and a good pair of bookshelf speaks is a great solution to enjoy music while you work. I listen to Pandora or XM Radio on most days when I am in the office. $$$$$

 $ – $1-$50 

$$ – $50-$150

$$$ – $150-$300

$$$$ – $300-$500

$$$$$ – $500 -$1000 

** The products above represent our opinions only. We are not being paid nor do we get free swag for mentioning a product or re-seller. Matrix Technology is a re-seller for SONOS and several brands of speakers.